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The field of animation, which is a valuable part of the creative industries, has real missions in a surreal universe. The animation industry, which feeds economic and cultural creativity and creates a much wider space for itself with its rapidly increasing momentum recently, needs qualified manpower.

Aiming at sustainable development by bringing together stakeholders from different sectors in this field, the project brings together people who want to be screenwriters, designers, animators, producers or directors with experts through various animation trainings. The project, which will be implemented by the Istanbul Development Agency for 18 months within the scope of the Creative Industries Financial Support Program for 2021, aims to train qualified manpower in the field of animation, to complete the preparations for the sectoral cluster, and to realize the public-private sector and civil society cooperation.

The application process of the project has been completed. Our training program, which brings together the participants who dream of animation, is starting. For application results: You can visit


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