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International Browse Your Education Project Achieved a Successful Final in Riga!

Between 15 - 17 September, we met with representatives from Italy, Latvia and Turkey and organized the "International Browse Your Education" program. We held the final meeting of the project in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

The focus of this important meeting was to complete a tool set that will strengthen the media literacy competencies of young people. The work carried out within the scope of the project aimed to improve the skills of young people in this field in an age where media use and content production are increasingly increasing.

During the meeting, representatives of the countries participating in the project came together and worked intensively to create a toolkit suitable for the media literacy needs of young people. The project team aimed to raise young people's awareness of media literacy by enabling participants to share their experiences, discuss best practices and create a common vision.

The results of the meeting were very successful and a comprehensive set of tools emerged that will enable young people to develop their media literacy competencies. This set will allow young people to communicate more consciously and effectively in the digital world, evaluate and produce media content.


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