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We Organized a "Steps to Fight Loneliness" Workshop within the Scope of "You Are Not Alone" Project!

In the "Steps to Fight Loneliness" workshop we organized within the scope of the "You Are Not Alone" project, the differences between emotions and behavior, unconscious states reflected in our daily lives and our value judgments were discussed. Participants tried to understand these issues better by discussing them in depth and staying in the moment.

In the following minutes of the workshop, the Johari Window method, which examines communication known or unknown to the person in relationships between people, was used. Thanks to this method, participants had the opportunity to get to know themselves better.

We would like to thank Clinical Psychologist T. Simge Korkut and Alazhan Canbolat for their contributions, who brought many new perspectives on the concept of loneliness through presentations and creative, interactive methods throughout the workshop.


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