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International Browse Your Education Seminar: Media Literacy and Digital Awareness in Istanbul

The International Browse Your Education Seminar, held in Istanbul between 11-16 July, hosted participants from Italy, Latvia and Turkey and discussed important issues such as media literacy, hate speech, fake news, internet phenomena and digital tools . This seminar was an important part of the Browse Your Education project, which encourages young people and young adults to grow up to be more conscious and critical citizens in the digital world.

The focus of the seminar was media literacy. Participants came together to understand the complexity of digital media and address current challenges faced in this environment. Issues such as hate speechand fake newswere discussed in sessions and discussions. Participants were equipped with the ability to recognize and criticize these problems.

At the same time, topics such as the use of digital tools and internet phenomenon were examined in detail in the seminar. Participants learned how to communicate effectively in the digital world and evaluate information sources correctly.The workshops provided the opportunity to transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

As a result of the seminar, the content of a toolkit that will help young people develop their media literacy competencies was produced. These tools will help young people feel more conscious and safe about issues such as information pollution, fake news and online security problems they may encounter in the digital world.


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