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International Learning Activity for Young Entrepreneurship Skills was Held in Spain within the Scope of UpSocial Erasmus+ Project!

Between 8-14 January 2023, an international learning activity for the development of young entrepreneurship skills under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ project UpSocial was held in Bilbao, Spain. Participants had an important opportunity to improve the quality of project outputs by experiencing interactive digital tourism activities.

During the activity, young people had the chance to explore and experience interactive digital tourism activities provided by the UpSocial project. These events helped young people strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and develop new perspectives in the field of digital tourism.

This international learning activity, held in Spain, supported international cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship by promoting knowledge exchange and cultural interaction among young people. The UpSocial project continues to be an important platform for Europe's young entrepreneurs, allowing young people to discover their potential and develop themselves in the field of entrepreneurship.


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