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Project Experiences Sharing Meeting: MoveMe and Second Chance Participants Came Together!

MoveMe participants, who returned from Serbia in the past weeks, and Second Chance project participants, who will go to Spain soon, came together in an unforgettable meeting. In this special meeting, participants supported each other by sharing the experiences they gained in their projects.

The main theme of the meeting was to share the rich experiences of the participants from their projects in Serbia and Spain. MoveMe participants detailed their impressive work in Serbia, their movement-based activities with disadvantaged groups, and the positive results they achieved.

On the other hand, participants who will go to Spain for the Second Chance project shared their excitement and expectations about the projects ahead. Based on their experiences in Serbia, MoveMe participants gave useful tips and suggestions for projects to be carried out in Spain.

The meeting was not limited to just sharing experiences; At the same time, the participants talked about collaborations and joint projects that could support each other in future projects.This interactive meeting had the mission of bringing together young people from different cultures by creating a network among the participants of international projects.


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