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We Attended the International Conference of the Global Citizenship for Human Rights Project

The International Conference was coordinated in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia, between April 1-2, as part of the Global Citizenship for Human Rights Project. The conference was hosted by NGO Iuventa.

At the conference, where participants and speakers from different countries were present, current approaches to Human Rights, difficulties experienced and solution processes were discussed. In the contents detailed by the project partner countries, international practices and examples were presented on both the dissemination of respect and tolerance for Human Rights and the development of approaches to Human Rights. The outputs of the project and the games produced were both used as materials and promoted.

Especially focused on youth activities. It was discussed within the scope of Human Rights Education practices and the development of these practices in order to create a tolerant, holistic approach to Human Rights, sensitivity of young people and a perspective that respects everyone's rights.


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